Lab64 is a maker space that focuses on electronic systems, physical devices that include electronics and computing. Housed in the Packard building of the electrical engineering department, we provide tools, equipment, workshops and advice on building systems.


open to all Stanford students during the day (online safety training required for 24/7 access + additional training for laser cutter and 3D printers)


soldering stations, oscilloscopes, function generators, microscopes, laser cutter, 3D printers


Basement of Packard

Lab Mentor Schedule (Winter 2019)

Email the lab64 CA's:

Max Holliday

Office hours:

By appointment only

Mark Van Bergen

Office hours:

Monday 12-1pm, Tuesday 3-4pm, Thursday 2-5pm, Friday 1-3:30pm

Marion Lepert

Office hours:

Monday 3-6pm, Tuesday 4-6pm, Friday 9am-12pm & 4:30-6pm