Stanford University Makerspaces 

Stanford University has a variety of makerspaces spread throughout the campus, ranging from small rooms designed to support research to huge facilities that support scores of courses and thousands of students.

Roble Arts Gym


GSE Makery

McMurtry Building

Maker Bar 

Textile Makerspace

Miller Library Makerspace

Where should I go?

Machine metal /plastic                            PRL

Weld                                                                    PRL, McMurtry

Make art                                                           Roble Arts Gym, McMurtry

Woodwork                                                     PRL, McMurtry

Laser cut                                                          Room 36, lab64

3d print                                                            create:space, Room 36, lab64, Roble Arts Gym

Build electronics                                        lab64, Room 36

Solder                                                               lab64, Room 36

Work with paper                                       Roble Arts Gym, McMurtry

Work with fabric                                      Room 36, Roble Arts Gym

Work with elastomers                          lab64

Vinyl cut                                                         Room 36, Roble Arts Gym

Simple Programming                             lab64