Product Realization Lab

The Stanford Product Realization Lab (PRL) is a teaching lab and academic makerspace with six distinct lab areas: machining, woodworking, foundry, welding, plastics, and rapid prototyping (Huang Room 36). While the PRL operates under the auspices of the Mechanical Engineering Department in the School of Engineering, students from all disciplines and experience levels across campus are welcome to participate. The Product Realization Lab is primarily a teaching lab supporting coursework in dozens of academic classes, but student research, personal work, and exploration are also encouraged.


open to all Stanford students (safety training session + lab pass required)


machining, woodworking, welding, casting, injection molding, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, 3D printing, 3D scanning, vinyl cutting, sewing, electronics


Building 610 & Room 36 (Basement of Huang)